Why Aerosol Canners

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We are

We specialise in Aerosol Canning. We are proud members of the Aerosol Manufacturers Association of South Africa, the Durban Chemical Cluster and the Department of Trade and Industry South Africa(DTI).

We subscribe to a Legal Waste Management Plan to ensure compliance in terms of current waste legislation. We are also registered as an exporter with the Department of Customs South Africa.

We are

Our vast customer base speaks for itself ,and includes both local and international brands.

We pride ourselves on high levels of customer satisfaction and we acknowledge that our customers are the reason we are in business.

We are trusted to undertake large scale projects ensuring that the customer’s needs are always addressed in the delivery of the final product.

We are
Service oriented

We aim to please our customers by ensuring that customer satisfaction is met at all times. We also form lasting relationships with both local and multinational customers.

We live in the digital age where human connections and transactions are quick and minimal but at Aerosol Canners we want to ensure that our clients become an intrinsic part of our brand and that they are personally attended to in the most professional manner.

We are

Our efficiency results in our customers receiving quality products that are competitively priced.

We benchmark ourselves to ensure that there is continuous improvement in our processes.